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Oct 14, 2017

Hello and welcome to the Thriving Life Club. My name is Leon Gee and I will be your host.

I am very excited to finally be hosting this show for you. For a long time, I've secretly wished I could share with the world the inspiring stories of successful people I've met over the years.

My goal with the Thriving Life Club podcast is to share these relationships and the stories from successful people of all walks of life and wide variety of backgrounds to help you discover, for yourself, what makes a life a thriving life. Please leave us your review on iTunes and join us online at to be notified of each episode when it comes out.

The Thriving Life Club podcast is for those who want to reach their full potential, connect with their true-self, and thrive in every area of their life.

One episode at a time, let's Design and Create a thriving life that is meaningful, connected, and balanced in the three main areas of... Physical Health, Mindset, and Money.

As you begin, you will see that this show gets progressively more interesting. You will get to hear from the most successful entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, and world-renowned experts on Physical Health, Mindset, and Money.

Thanks for spending time with me. Once again, welcome to the club, and now, let the journey begin.