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Jan 2, 2018

Considering the fact that as long as we live on this planet we will need a physical body in order to interact with our environment. We need a physical body in order to continue learning, getting experience and pleasure... I think you would agree that having a physical body is kind of neat. I'm being slightly sarcastic there, but I think you would further agree that having a physical body free of pain would be even nicer and would make the whole experience of living on this planet so much easier and enjoyable.

I'm excited about our today's guests who are experts at helping people limited by pain regain their pain free body and go back to doing what they love doing. Dr. Mike is a chiropractor (he is retiring from providing chiropractic care and you are about to find out why during this podcast) and Andrew is a master Kinesiologist and a real-life example of what's possible to achieve by applying what they teach.

I first became aware of their MoveU program via instagram... they shoot theses crazy good short videos that are fun entertaining and educational at the same time. The best part is that they take the complex concepts of Human Body Mechanics and break them down making it really easy for people to understand.

Back in 2013, Dr. Mike was growing a chiropractic rehab clinic and he was also teaching a Kinesiology class at California State University. This is where he first met Andrew. Half way through the semester Andrew severely herniated a disc in his lower back, and was disabled for months. Lucky for him, he knew that drugs and surgery were not only dangerous options, but they fail to fix the root cause.

Andrew became an intern at Dr. Mike’s chiropractic rehab clinic, quickly absorbing his knowledge and putting it to use. His recovery skyrocketed after he discovered a magical technique that quickly eliminated his back pain – Dynamic Core Control (DCC). DCC is a powerful technique that aligns and protects the spine during all the movement of life and naturally reduces pain. Since Andrew’s recovery, he has helped hundreds of others eliminate their pain through this simple and powerful technique.

Dr. Mike felt it was selfish to keep such a powerful technique available to only those who live near his office. He created MoveU as the vehicle that inspires the world to move better and live a pain-free life.

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